The Blogger’s Balancing Act

blogger's balancing act

Today did not go as planned, and it’s fitting that my blog post topic is about balancing blogging with everything else. Right now, I’m definitely feeling the time crunch as I sit down to write this. Yes, I have some tips and ideas that have helped me balance the time it takes to manage a … Read more

5 Free Movie Making Apps for Busy Bloggers

5 free moviemaking apps featured image

If you’re like me, the easiest way to grab some video footage is by using your phone, but maybe the videos don’t always look as polished as you would like. Lately, I’ve been testing out some free movie making apps to help me up my moviemaking skills. I was hoping to find an app that … Read more

Strikingly Memorable Foreign Bathrooms

For some travelers, using bathrooms in foreign countries can be a troubling experience. There have even been books written about the subject, such as Toilets of the World. Finding a free, uncrowded public bathroom can be a challenge, so if you are ever in any of the following locations, these first three bathrooms might be … Read more

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