Best Free Online Teaching Tools for 2023

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Looking for ways to keep students engaged in online activities?  Here’s a list of user-friendly, free educational resources for all ages. As a school librarian who also teaches technology skills, I’ve gotten feedback about these tools from educators and students alike. Have fun checking out the list of the best free online teaching tools I’ve … Read more

55 Technology Books for Kids: Coding, STEM and More!

technology books for kids featured image with 10 technology book covers

These engaging technology books for kids are perfect for helping preschool and elementary school students understand technology. Get a list of the best technology books for kids right here and learn why these books stand out.  Studies are indicating that an early introduction to computer skills, including coding, can give students a problem-solving, critical-thinking advantage. … Read more

ReadingIQ Review: Free Ebook Site For Kids

readingiq featured image with a tablet

Looking for free ebooks for students? There is a little-known free ebooks site that offers home access to students, and you can learn about it right here. If you are an elementary teacher or a librarian, this site might be a great addition to your teaching toolkit. School accounts are free, and if a teacher … Read more

Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers on a Budget

Essential WordPress plugins for bloggers on a budget featured image

Adding plugins to a WordPress blog adds functionality, but can cause slowdowns in website load time. Which WordPress plugins are best for bloggers on a budget? Which WordPress plugins are essential for a smoothly-functioning blog? In this post, we will explore the absolute best WordPress plugins for frugal bloggers. You will find out which plugins … Read more

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