The Encouraging Blogger Award: Designed to Inspire!

Welcome to the Encouraging Blogger Award page! The Encouraging Blogger Award was created to recognize any blogger who encourages others with his or her posts. Bloggers may encourage others to travel, try new things, have a positive mindset, or overcome adversity, for example. An encouraging blog may encourage other bloggers or give business tips. Many blogs are encouraging and we don’t even realize it. Bloggers nominate fellow bloggers for this award, and nominees write a post answering a few questions. After that, the nominee nominates other bloggers.

Guidelines for Encouraging Blogger Award Nominees

If you are nominated, here is what you need to do. Please write a blog post with the following components:

  • Explain the award (You may quote from the first paragraph on this page and copy the featured image if you wish.)
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and share a little about his or her blog, including a do-follow link.
  • Answer these five questions:
    • When and why did you start blogging?
    • What is your blog about?
    • What is one piece of advice you would give to encourage new bloggers?
    • Which is your favorite time-saving blogging tip or scheduling tool?
    • What are your future goals for your blog?
  • Nominate up to 10 bloggers you think encourage others. Be sure to give do-follow links to their websites.
  • Direct the nominees to visit this page for instructions and information about the award.
  • Once you have shared your Encouraging Blogger Award post, fill out the form below to enter the contest.
  • Deadline for submissions for consideration in the 2020 contest will be October 31, 2021.
  • If you miss the deadline, and still submit an entry form, you will be entered in the 2022 contest.

When will the Winner of the Encouraging Blogger Award be Announced?

So often, with these blogging awards, we never find out who the winner is. With this award, you will find out, as long as you somehow connect with FluxingWell blog posts. The winner will be chosen in December from the respondents who fill out the form below. You may enter once, and FluxingWell will review the participants and choose a winner based upon the content of the participant’s blog site and the blog post written about the Encouraging Blogger Award. Find out who won the Encouraging Blogger Award for 2020!

Will There be a Prize for the Winner?

Yes! The winner will receive a $100.00 gift card to Amazon and a special badge to display on his or her blog. Everyone who writes a blog post about the Encouraging Blogger Award and fills out the form will receive a mention in a FluxingWell roundup post in December.

Here’s the Form to Enter the Contest

Please fill this out after you have posted your blog post about the Encouraging Blogger Award. Thanks for taking the time to enter!

Thank you so much for participating! I hope this experience has been an uplifting one for you. If you liked visiting the FluxingWell site and would like more encouragement on a weekly basis, please consider subscribing. You will receive insider access to a free resource library for bloggers. Have a wonderful, encouraging day!

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