Fabulous Snack Finds for Hungry Travelers: Western US

When traveling, especially with hungry teenagers, it’s good to have some ideas in mind about reasonably-priced snacks to keep your group happy. As I’ve traveled over the years, there are a few fabulous snack finds that stand out. Not only are these items delicious, but budget-friendly as well. There are too many to list in one blog post, so for the first in this series, I’ll focus on the western United States.

5 Fabulous Snack Finds for the Hungry travelers Western US Edition

The Most Fabulous Snack Find in Yellowstone National Park, Montana and Wyoming

Hands down, the most fabulous snack find for our family while traveling in Yellowstone National Park was the fantastic huckleberry ice cream sandwich produced by Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream Company. Every day during our visit we would walk from our campground near Fishing Bridge to the camp store to purchase this delicious treat. As we continued our travels into other parts of Montana, I was overjoyed to find the huckleberry ice cream sandwiches available at camp stores throughout the state. I was totally addicted!

Huckleberry Ice Cream Sandwich

If you would like to try these for yourself, but aren’t traveling to Montana or Wyoming anytime soon, there is bad news and good news. The bad news is that Wilcoxson’s ice cream is not distributed to stores outside of Montana or Wyoming. The good news is that the ice cream and treats may be delivered to you by ordering through the website. Just thinking about this fabulous snack find makes me want to travel back to Montana! I also wrote about these in my post about our visit to Glacier National Park.

Fabulous Snack Finds in Southern California Theme Parks

Basically, all you have to do is look for the bakeries in order to locate these fabulous snack finds. Whether you are at Disney’s California Adventure theme park or Knott’s Berry Farm theme park, the bakeries are your best bet for a quick snack for hungry travelers. In Disney’s California Adventure, the bakery is called Boudin Bakery, and there is even a tour. Bonus: A free slice of sourdough bread is given to all who enter. Sourdough loaves can be purchased as well, with butter available on request. Mmmm…just imagine your hungry travelers munching on the warm, crusty loaves, satisfied for the moment.

sourdough fabulous snack

Moving on over to Knott’s Berry Farm, your hungry snackers will love a visit to the Knott’s Berry Farm Bakery. In addition to sweet treats, the bakery offers more hearty fare, such as ham and cheese croissants. There is sure to be  reasonably priced item for all of the hungry travelers in need of a delicious snack.

Fabulous Snack Finds at Any County Fair and the State Fair in Oregon

Traveling in Oregon during county fair season? One can’t-miss snack stop is the Oregon Dairywomen’s ice cream stand. They serve huge portions of Oregon’s own Umpqua ice cream in cones or bowls at a much more reasonable price than any other frozen treat available. The flavors are amazing! The Oregon Dairywomen’s booth (look for the red barn) may be found at any county fair and the state fair in Oregon.

fabulous snack finds homemade cookies

Another must-stop location for hungry travelers at the Clackamas County Fair is the Grange Hall exhibit. The exhibits colorful and fun to look at, and there’s a bonus. The Oregon State Grange organization sells large, freshly-baked cookies at a price too low to quote here. Do other county fairs have this? I’m not sure, but for Clackamas County Fair visitors hungry for a delicious snack, this is the place to be.

What are Your Favorite Fabulous Snack Finds for Hungry Travelers?

Obviously, this list only encompasses a few of the fabulous snack finds out there. Fabulous snack finds may be found when you least expect it. I’d sure be interested in learning of the fabulous snack finds for hungry travelers in your area.

If you like what you’ve read today, you might also like reading about the scenic northern Oregon coast or my visit to historic Salzburg, Austria. For some simple travel wardrobe ideas, you can check out my post listing Wardrobe Essentials for the Savvy Traveler. Wherever your journeys take you, I hope you make wonderful memories. Thanks for visiting the Fluxing Well site. If you would like to receive the latest posts before they are shared anywhere else, consider subscribing. Happy travels and happy snacking!

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8 thoughts on “Fabulous Snack Finds for Hungry Travelers: Western US”

  1. Oh my gosh now I am hungry!!! Umm…some of my favorite snacks from places I’ve been: in Quebec, poutine (French fries/gravy/cheese curds), of course (or in Quebec city, tarte à sucre [maple syrup pie] or maple-syrup-flavored ice cream; in Mexico, fresh-baked corn chips with fresh pico de gallo (also jicama sticks and fresh guacamole); in israel, fresh falafel balls on the streets, or fresh persimmons, or fresh halvah (a “fudge” made out of sesame-seed paste…truly addictive!). Oh, and in San Francisco, anything from the Ghirardelli factory!

    • Flossie,

      Wow! You have traveled far and wide, and now I am hungry as well! Thanks for sharing your favorite snack finds with me. Have a super week!


  2. You’ve got some really great options from a whole different part of the country than where I am, but they all sound so good. I’m craving ice cream and homemade bread!

    • Wendy,

      So am I! I thought of you when I wrote about the ice cream.=) Maybe someday you’ll get to come out west and give these snacks a try. Thanks for your comment, and have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Everything sounds so delicious, I’m pretty hungry for a snack now! Good to know I can order the huckleberry ice cream sandwich online. 🙂

    • Candi,

      Yes! I haven’t tried ordering some yet, but it is good to know there is the option. I hope you found a snack to satisfy your hunger. =) Have a super day!


  4. Wow what great treats..the next time I’m in Yellowstone, I will be trying that Huckleberry Ice cream sandwich! Bouldin and Knotts bakeries are two of my favorites! Love the post!! Thank you for making me hungry!

    • Holly,

      Happy to help!=) Thanks so much for taking the time to read the post and for your comments. I do hope you get to try the huckleberry ice cream sandwich sometime. It really is amazing. Have a marvelous weekend!



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