26 Romantic Reads to Inspire You

As Valentine’s Day draws near, I find myself in the mood for some feel-good, uplifting romantic stories. If you enjoy cozying up to a good book on a rainy day (or anytime) this list is for you. Not only are these books romantic, but they have inspiring messages as well. They each have substance without being too heavy. Many of the characters are dealing with fallout from a difficult past, some have health issues, and most have some type of emotional baggage. As each story unfolds, themes of faith, trust and overcoming obstacles are woven though the various plot lines. The choices on this list of romantic reads are numerous. I hope you find something to your liking, and have the time to enjoy a few of these gems.

26 Romantic Reads to Inspire You books and flowers

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Code of Honor Series by Irene Hannon: Romantic Reads and Suspense All in One Book


Dangerous Illusions is the first book in this three-book series which combines romance and suspense. Each book in the series contains edge-of-your-seat mystery as well as a romantic plot line. The third book in the series, Dark Ambitions had an ending I did not see coming. What fun it was to be surprised! For delicious thrills, both romantic and suspenseful, I highly recommend this excellent trilogy.

Regency Spies of London Series by Melanie Dickerson: How Can You Resist a Series With That Title?


If you love the Regency period or are a Jane Austen fan, this series of three books is for you. Beginning with A Spy’s Devotion, the series is filled with intrigue and romance. Headstrong heroines, dashing heroes and mysteries to be solved are waiting for you as you turn the pages of this series of three romantic adventures.

Hawthorne House Series by Kristi Ann Hunter: Aristocracy and Siblings


Another Regency offering, this series of five books follows the lives of the aristocratic siblings in the Hawthorne family. Each sibling has his or her personal trials to overcome, but when all hope seems lost, each experiences an unexpected turn of events. Filled with all of the trappings of the Regency era, fans of the Regency genre will not be disappointed. The series begins with A Noble Masqueradeand continues until each Hawthorne sibling experiences  their own happy ending.

Lost Castle Series by Kristy Cambron: Traveling Through Time


I always appreciate authors who can weave stories together from different time periods. Taking place in France, England and Ireland, each book switches back and forth between different time periods. I am amazed at the way this talented author weaves the stories together, forming marvelous tapestries of faith and love. At the end of each book, I always find myself marveling at how it all fits together. Starting with the story of The Lost Castle, these three romantic reads will transport readers through time in a fascinating way. The author provides excellent historical notes at the end of each book, which adds another element of interest.

Tales from Ivy Hill Series by Julie Klassen: Happy Endings When All Hope Seems Lost


Who wouldn’t want to live in the quaint English village of Ivy Hill? While reading this three-book series, you feel like a secret resident, privy to information the other characters have no clue about. In each of these insightful epistles, different women in the Ivy Hill community are faced with dilemmas. The first book, The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill, chronicles the struggles faced by a young widow when forced to run the family coaching inn. With interesting period details included throughout, this series of romantic reads will give your spirits a lift of encouragement.

Shadows Over England Series by Roseanna M. White: World War One and Secret Identities


Some families are related by blood and others are related by experiences. These three books follow the lives of orphans from the mean streets of London who band together. Lacking blood relations, the orphans “adopt” each other and form a family of their own. Now grown, the eldest orphans make their various ways in the world. Amidst harsh realities, will they be able to place their trust in God and overcome their circumstances? Cheer them on in their endeavors, starting with the first book,  A Name Unknown.

The Codebreakers Series by Roseanna M. White: Top Secret Romantic Reads from World War One England


Roseanna M. White’s latest series involves London’s top secret code crackers. The most recent book in this two-book series is On the Wings of Devotion. It’s so new, my library doesn’t have it yet, but it’s definitely on my To Be Read list. The first book, The Number of Love, follows the adventures of a brilliant young female code breaker as she deals with sudden, tragic loss. Where will she turn for help, and will she be able to foil a sinister spy plot in time to prevent more tragedy? I could not put this one down.

Bradford Sisters Romance Series by Becky Wade: Finding Hope in Difficult Circumstances


I wish this series contained more than just three books. It’s such a fun series to read! The author takes seemingly hopeless situations and creates uplifting stories of hope and reconciliation. Set in the modern day Pacific Northwest, these three stories paint vivid pictures in my mind as I visualize the familiar locations. Once you read the first book in the series, True to You, I bet you’ll be hooked!

The Fifth Avenue Story Society by Rachel Hauck: A Standalone Sensation


As I settled in to evaluate this book for Netgalley, the book review site I write for, I prepared myself for a Hallmarky-type romantic read. Was I ever wrong! By the end of the first chapter, I could tell this book was going to be so much more. Set in modern day New York City, the premise is intriguing. Five people, ranging in age from 29 to 78, are each given a mysterious invitation to join a a story society in a special room at the Fifth Avenue Library. Who sent the invitations? Why these particular five? I was immediately drawn in to this tale of second chances, redemption and reconciliation. This book is one of the best I have read recently, and I highly recommend it. I was sorry to reach the conclusion. Maybe you’ll feel that way too about the Fifth Avenue Story Society.

Do You Have Any Favorite Inspirational Romantic Reads?

I hope you have gotten some good ideas from this list. Do you have some favorite inspirational romantic reads you would like to share? I’m always looking for book recommendations to add to my To Be Read list. If  you would like free resources for book lovers, such as some free printable shelf labels, please consider subscribing. Have a wonderful week, and happy reading!

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  1. Some great sounding options especially for my summer reads. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yvonne,

      I hope you get to read some of them while you are relaxing this summer!


  2. The are some great picks. I def want to try some out.

  3. I am currently renovating my book list so thank you!

    • Barbara,

      You are most welcome! I hope you get to read some (or all) of the books on the list. I appreciate your comment.


  4. I don’t read a lot of romance novels but I’m loving the sound of The Lost Castle! The different time periods aspect really intrigues me!

    • Mariam,

      Yes, when I began the Lost Castle series, I didn’t realize how intricate the plot lines would be. Easy to follow, but it kept me guessing until the end how everything would all fit together. I hope you do get to read it. Thanks so much for commenting!


  5. Some to authors to me on this list. These all sound like great books!

    • Heidi,

      I’m glad you think the books on this list sound great. I hope you get the chance to read some of them. Thanks for commenting!


  6. Wow! Lisa what a fantastic compilation of new reads. I’m excited to dive in and explore of few of these. You offer wonderful descriptions so it is easy to discern what might interest me or not! Awesome, thank you for putting this together, and sharing . Much appreciated.

    • Cheryl,

      I’m so happy you liked my post. Thanks so much for your kind words of affirmation and enthusiasm. I hope you get the chance to enjoy the ones that interest you. Happy reading!


  7. I love these picks. Many books to add to my list of need to read!

    • Jody,

      I’m glad you like the choices, and I hope you get to read some of them, or all of them! Thanks for commenting!



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