How to Add a Pinterest Widget to Your WordPress Blog

How to Add a Pinterest Widget to a Wordpress Blog

Have you ever tried something you thought might be tricky, and were pleasantly surprised when it actually worked? It happened to me a short time ago. I was reading through a list of ways to optimize and make the most of Pinterest for my blog. I had done everything on the list except one thing. … Read more

How to Increase Pinterest Monthly Viewers by 100K for Free

How to Increase Pinterest Monthly viewers for free in 2020 Featured Image

Have you been wondering how to increase your monthly Pinterest viewers without spending any money on a Pinterest scheduling service? I’d like to share something that worked well for me. I’ve been engaging in this strategy for about three months now, and my Pinterest viewership continues to grow. Now, some people scoff at the monthly … Read more

Infographic Design Made Easy with Easelly

infographic design featured image

When I scroll through Pinterest, my attention is often snagged by posts with infographics. Infographics are useful if you have statistics to report in a blog post, or if you want to present a list in an eye-catching format. As an educator as well as a blogger, I’m always looking for colorful ways to present … Read more

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