How to Make a Video Pin on Pinterest

How to make a video pin on pinterest featured image

I’ve made no secret about the fact that Pinterest drives the most traffic to my blog. I have so much fun with Pinterest, and was excited to learn about video pins. I saw video pins others made, and I thought it looked cool, but too tricky for me. As it turns out, creating video pins … Read more

How to Add a Pinterest Widget to Your WordPress Blog

How to Add a Pinterest Widget to a Wordpress Blog

Have you ever tried something you thought might be tricky, and were pleasantly surprised when it actually worked? It happened to me a short time ago. I was reading through a list of ways to optimize and make the most of Pinterest for my blog. I had done everything on the list except one thing. … Read more

Increase Blog Traffic with the Ultimate Pinterest Guide

Pink phone flatlay Increase blog traffic with the Ultimate Pinterest Guide

I’ve made no secret of the fact that Pinterest drives the most traffic to my blog. Other sources of traffic are not even close. I was very excited when the creator of the Ultimate Pinterest Guide provided me with free access to her e-course for review purposes. I was able to work through the course … Read more

Creating Evergreen Pins for Pinterest: 3 Surprising Tricks

Have you ever had a breakthrough discovery entirely by accident? I’ve had that happen to me a lot lately. Here’s one example of a huge inconvenience turning into a gigantic blessing. I learned a lot about making improved, SEO-friendly, evergreen pins for Pinterest along the way, but it wasn’t easy. I wish I had known … Read more

Reusing Blog Content: 7 Easy Ways to Update Pinterest Pins

reusing blog content 7 easy ways to update pinterest pins featured image

I’ve been making a huge effort lately to work smarter, not harder, as a blogger. I have a full-time job as a school librarian, which I love. I also have a dear family, plus other obligations, as most do. What have I been doing lately to streamline and still drive more traffic to my blog? … Read more

How to Increase Pinterest Monthly Viewers by 100K for Free

How to Increase Pinterest Monthly viewers for free in 2020 Featured Image

Have you been wondering how to increase your monthly Pinterest viewers without spending any money on a Pinterest scheduling service? I’d like to share something that worked well for me. I’ve been engaging in this strategy for about three months now, and my Pinterest viewership continues to grow. Now, some people scoff at the monthly … Read more

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