Choose a Domain Name and Topic

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The first step in starting a blog is thinking about what you want to write about. Then think of a name that would fit with your topic. Once you have thought of a few options, check to see if the domain is available so you can choose your domain name.

Check for Availability

There are many sites which will advertise selling a domain name, but you just need to check availability at this point. One good place to check is called Hover. If you type in my domain name,, you will see (I hope) that the name has been taken. Hover will provide alternate suggestions with different extensions such as .net, but you want to hold out for a .com name.

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Shorter is Better

If you think of the websites you remember easily, the names are pretty brief., Google, YouTube and others stick in the brain. Start your search with an idea for a short domain name. If that is taken, you can add other words or expand the length bit by bit until you hit upon one you like which is available.

Brainstorming for a Name

Sometimes, it’s fun to think of disjointed words that may not appear connected, but that will go together in a fun way. For example, I know of a blog called LemonBlessings. The blogger thought of two things she liked and put them together for a cheery name. I like blue and white dishes, and some of my favorite patterns are vintage British stoneware. When I typed in blueandwhitevintage, the .com was still available, at least as of this writing. Have fun playing around with possible names!

Purchasing a Domain Name

You may choose to purchase a domain name, then choose a hosting service. If you want to purchase a domain name, but aren’t ready to choose a hosting service yet, here are some options. You may choose to add hosting into your bundle with a domain name as well.



Both of these companies also provide web hosting, but you can just purchase the domain name if you like.

Taking the Next Step

Once you have found a name you like, you are ready to go shopping for a hosting service. That’s the next step. If you’re ready, proceed ahead!

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