How to Make a Video Pin on Pinterest

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I’ve made no secret about the fact that Pinterest drives the most traffic to my blog. I have so much fun with Pinterest, and was excited to learn about video pins. I saw video pins others made, and I thought it looked cool, but too tricky for me. As it turns out, creating video pins … Read more

Blog Organization Tips: Blog Smarter, Not Harder

Blog Organization tips featured image

How do bloggers stay organized? How does anyone stay organized? How does someone blog part-time while working full-time? Important: Even though this was written with bloggers in mind, many of these organizational tips and tools can be used for a variety of purposes. Now that I’ve been blogging for a while, I’ve been doing some reflecting … Read more

How to Improve Site Speed Quickly and Easily

How to quickly improve site speed featured image

Need to improve your website speed? If you are a blogger, you most likely have heard this statistic: If your site takes longer than three seconds to load, you will lose most of your traffic. According to a site speed study done by Google, this is true. What is a good site speed? According to … Read more

How to Add a Cookie Banner in 2021

Cookie Banner: Does Your Website Need One? Is your website legal? Do you need to add a cookie consent banner to comply with GDPR laws? How do you add a cookie consent banner? Find out here with these easy tips and simple answers to your questions. #gdpr #bloggers #cookieconsent #cookieconsentdesign #cookieconsentbanner #gdprcompliance #gdprforbloggers #legalbloggingtips #legalblogging #bloggingtips #bloggingforbeginners #blogginglegally

Ever since the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) stipulations came into effect in 2018, many bloggers and web developers have been scrambling to comply with the new laws. I often see a cookie banner with a little “Opt-In” button and I don’t think much about it. Then I began to wonder if my site needed … Read more

Increase Blog Traffic with the Ultimate Pinterest Guide

Pink phone flatlay Increase blog traffic with the Ultimate Pinterest Guide

I’ve made no secret of the fact that Pinterest drives the most traffic to my blog. Other sources of traffic are not even close. I was very excited when the creator of the Ultimate Pinterest Guide provided me with free access to her e-course for review purposes. I was able to work through the course … Read more

Creating Evergreen Pins for Pinterest: 3 Surprising Tricks

Have you ever had a breakthrough discovery entirely by accident? I’ve had that happen to me a lot lately. Here’s one example of a huge inconvenience turning into a gigantic blessing. I learned a lot about making improved, SEO-friendly, evergreen pins for Pinterest along the way, but it wasn’t easy. I wish I had known … Read more

Gravatars: Essential for Successfully Branding a Blog

3 Lesser Known Gravatar Hacks for Bloggers will give you essential tips about gravatars, or globally recognized avatars. Gravatars are an essential part of branding a blog. Bloggers who are serious about blogging use a gravatar to expand blog reach increase blog traffic and grow a blog subscriber list. Be recognized! Define your brand with a gravatar. #blogging #bloggingtips #blogger #blog #branding #brandingtips #blogger #bloggingforbeginners #blogginginspiration #bloggingdesign #bloggerstyle

What in the world is a gravatar? I was asking myself this very thing recently, so I did some research. For those of you who subscribe to this blog because of the recipes or the gardening posts, this post about gravatars still might be of interest to you. You can impress your friends and neighbors … Read more

How to Increase Email Subscribers: 3 Simple Strategies

how to increase email subscribers 3 simple strategies for success featured image

Seeking to increase your subscriber list but having trouble designing a killer freebie or giveaway? I’m still working on designing dynamic freebies to offer to potential blog subscribers. In the meantime, what does a busy blogger do to steadily increase the number of subscribers on a blog’s email list? Here are three strategies which have … Read more

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