The Encouraging Blogger Award 2020: Ten Worthy Nominees

Encouraging Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for a few blogging awards in the past. Each time, I always felt very encouraged. The award nominations were also terrific ways to recognize other bloggers. When I paid each nomination forward, it gave my nominees a boost as well. However, I never learned the results of being nominated. Who actually won … Read more

Creating Evergreen Pins for Pinterest: 3 Surprising Tricks

Have you ever had a breakthrough discovery entirely by accident? I’ve had that happen to me a lot lately. Here’s one example of a huge inconvenience turning into a gigantic blessing. I learned a lot about making improved, SEO-friendly, evergreen pins for Pinterest along the way, but it wasn’t easy. I wish I had known … Read more

An Advanced Graphic Design Tool: Fotor Pro

Crello Review Example free photo

A few months ago, I was invited by the folks at Fotor to review their free photo editing and graphic design tool. I really had fun trying it out. As someone who is artistically and photographically challenged, the basic features of the free version of Fotor were surprisingly easy to use. If you would like … Read more

How to Increase Email Subscribers: 3 Simple Strategies

how to increase email subscribers 3 simple strategies for success featured image

Seeking to increase your subscriber list but having trouble designing a killer freebie or giveaway? I’m still working on designing dynamic freebies to offer to potential blog subscribers. In the meantime, what does a busy blogger do to steadily increase the number of subscribers on a blog’s email list? Here are three strategies which have … Read more

How to Increase Pinterest Monthly Viewers by 100K for Free

How to Increase Pinterest Monthly viewers for free in 2020 Featured Image

Have you been wondering how to increase your monthly Pinterest viewers without spending any money on a Pinterest scheduling service? I’d like to share something that worked well for me. I’ve been engaging in this strategy for about three months now, and my Pinterest viewership continues to grow. Now, some people scoff at the monthly … Read more

Secret Blogger Confessions: Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone!

Confessions of a secret blogger featured image

I’ve been blogging for about five months now, and I’ve told very few people who know me in person about my blog. I’m not sure why this is, except I just haven’t felt ready to make a big announcement. I’ve read about other bloggers who invite their friends to subscribe or share their blog posts … Read more

Blogger Encouragement: 5 Easy Boosts to a Blogger’s Day

blogger encouragement

With about one billion websites and blogs in the world today (according to a recent article at, it’s extremely tough for a blogger to feel as if anyone is paying attention. If you are a friend of a blogger, have a blogger in your family, or are a blogger yourself, what can you do … Read more

Best Free Screen Recorder Pick

best screen recorder pick

I really want to improve the quality of the videos I make for YouTube, but I’m not ready to spend a lot of (or any) money. My professional goal for work this year is to create at least five video tutorials for my school staff and students. These tutorials will be used as instructional resources … Read more

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