Flower Container Ideas for the Artistically Challenged

flower container ideas five pots filled featured image

Lacking confidence when it comes to planting flower containers? Learn some easy, actionable flower container ideas and tips you can use no matter the size of your planting container. If you are looking for some garden flower container ideas, you’re in the right place. I have a formula that I’ve used for years. You will … Read more

26 Romantic Reads to Inspire You

26 Romantic Reads to Inspire You books and flowers

As Valentine’s Day draws near, I find myself in the mood for some feel-good, uplifting romantic stories. If you enjoy cozying up to a good book on a rainy day (or anytime) this list is for you. Not only are these books romantic, but they have inspiring messages as well. They each have substance without … Read more

5 Inspirational Historical Fiction Authors to Follow

These 5 inspirational historical fiction authors will keep you reading for a long time to come. Inspirational historical fiction is uplifting as well as educational, and these writers are superb. Compelling plot lines and engaging characters abound in the works by these amazing authors. Escape to a different time, relax and perform some self-care by enjoying one of these titles. #books #historicalfiction #selfcare #history #inspirationalbooks #bookstoread #booksforwomen #recommendedbooks #faith

Need to escape the demands of the present for a brief time? Does anyone else remember those old Calgon commercials, where a stressed-out lady longs for a relaxing bubble bath? “Calgon, take me away!” was her famous line. Maybe you are in need of a relaxing break, and I’ve got the perfect solution: historical fiction. … Read more

Inspirational Books: 7 Amazing Choices to Encourage You

Inspirational books 7 Amazing Choices to Encourage You ffeatured image

When I surveyed my readers recently in a previous post, the number one most-wanted post was a roundup of inspirational books. Thank you so much for your input! You may still take the survey, if you missed it earlier. Fluxing Well readers, here’s a list of inspirational books I’m happy to share with you. I … Read more

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