19 Best Things to Do in Colchester (Essex) England

colchester castle colchester england

The best things to do in Colchester, England, are memorable, accessible, and unique. If your time in England is short, consider a day trip from London. Have a few extra days in your travel itinerary? Colchester and the surrounding Essex countryside have more than enough attractions to keep you busy. Filled with quaint charm and … Read more

Downton Abbey Visit: Adventure at Highclere Castle

Downton Abbey visit castle featured image

As part of their 50th wedding anniversary celebration, my parents decided to revisit some of their favorite sights in Europe. I was able to join them on this adventure. It was an unforgettable trip, filled with spectacular sights. One of the highlights was our Downton Abbey visit, and it all began at Heathrow Airport. We … Read more

Relaxing Cozy Book Series to Enjoy

5 relaxing cozy book series to enjoy featured image

Whether relaxing in a lawn chair, cozying up on a rainy spring afternoon or cuddling up in the chill of winter, my favorite selection of relaxing cozy book series beckons me. Whenever I have some time to catch up on the series I follow, these are the ones I turn to. I know they will … Read more

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