Easy Homemade Caramel Corn with Cashews

homemade caramel corn with cashews featured image

One of the best things about living in Oregon is having the opportunity to visit the beach. One of the best things about visiting the beach with my parents when our boys were younger was the tradition of bringing homemade cashew caramel corn to munch on.  This delicious recipe was handed down from my maternal … Read more

Fabulous Snack Finds for Hungry Travelers: Western US

5 fabulous snack finds for hungry travelers

When traveling, especially with hungry teenagers, it’s good to have some ideas in mind about reasonably-priced snacks to keep your group happy. As I’ve traveled over the years, there are a few fabulous snack finds that stand out. Not only are these items delicious, but budget-friendly as well. There are too many to list in … Read more

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