Easy Crock Pot Ham and Potatoes

crock pot ham and potatoes featured image

This easy crock pot ham and potatoes recipe is a great way to use leftover ham from your fridge or freezer, and the ingredients are simple. Need an easy recipe? Here’s my favorite way to use leftover ham. I also like to employ this recipe in my strategy for sneaking extra veggies into my family’s … Read more

Easy Curried Turkey: A Tasty Way to Use Leftovers

easy curried turkey featured image

When I think of comfort food, I think of this easy curried turkey recipe. It’s delicious, warm, and feeds a crowd. Plus, it’s a terrific recipe for the holidays. One of the main ingredients is leftover turkey. Win-win! Did I mention it’s also very easy to make? Read on, everyone, to learn how to make … Read more

Easy Wassail to Warm Your Holiday Gatherings

Easy wassail featured image

Before I married into my husband’s family, I had only heard of wassail in the old traditional English carol. I didn’t realize that it was a hot beverage that some people still serve during the holidays. One year, when my dear mother-in-law asked me to help get the wassail ready, I was flummoxed. What would … Read more

Keep Holiday Traditions Fresh With These Simple Tips

Keeping Holiday traditions fresh

Each holiday season, there are some Christmas traditions that we observe as a family. Most of these traditions began when our boys were small, and now they are both in their twenties. How did we manage to keep the boys interested in these family rituals as they grew older? Thanks to the changes we made … Read more

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