Foreign Bathrooms: European Toilets vs. American

foreign bathroom travel tips european toilets vs american castle in germany

Learn some valuable tips when navigating the intricacies of European toilets vs. American toilets while traveling. Paying a visit to Europe soon? For some American travelers, using bathrooms in foreign countries can be a troubling experience. There have even been books written about the subject, such as Toilets of the World. Finding a free, uncrowded … Read more

Spectacular Sights of Salzburg and the Sound of Music

Spectacular Sights of Salzburg and the Sound of Music will inspire you to put this travel destination on your bucket list. A visit to Salzburg would not be complete without a trip to the fortress, a visit to Mirabell Gardens, or a tour through the Mozart Museum. Full of spectacular scenery, this wonderful city is a must-see. #travel #salzburg #salzburgaustria #thingstodoinsalzburg #soundofmusic #oldtownsalzburg #salzburgaustriascenery #whattodoinsalzburgaustria

As part of their 50th wedding anniversary celebration, my parents decided to revisit some of their favorite sights in Europe. I was able to join them on this adventure. It was an unforgettable trip, filled with spectacular sights. It also involved driving a massive rental Vauxhall station wagon along the extremely narrow roads of the … Read more

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