Spectacular Sights of Salzburg and the Sound of Music

Spectacular Sights of Salzburg and the Sound of Music will inspire you to put this travel destination on your bucket list. A visit to Salzburg would not be complete without a trip to the fortress, a visit to Mirabell Gardens, or a tour through the Mozart Museum. Full of spectacular scenery, this wonderful city is a must-see. #travel #salzburg #salzburgaustria #thingstodoinsalzburg #soundofmusic #oldtownsalzburg #salzburgaustriascenery #whattodoinsalzburgaustria

As part of their 50th wedding anniversary celebration, my parents decided to revisit some of their favorite sights in Europe. I was able to join them on this adventure. It was an unforgettable trip, filled with spectacular sights. It also involved driving a massive rental Vauxhall station wagon along the extremely narrow roads of the … Read more

Strikingly Memorable Foreign Bathrooms

For some travelers, using bathrooms in foreign countries can be a troubling experience. There have even been books written about the subject, such as Toilets of the World. Finding a free, uncrowded public bathroom can be a challenge, so if you are ever in any of the following locations, these first three bathrooms might be … Read more

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