13 Best Columbine Companion Plants

best columbine companion plants featured image blue columbine

Delicate and lovely columbine flowers are an easy-care plant that returns each year to our perennial garden. For maximum success with columbines, it’s essential to know which plants make good columbine companions. Get some great columbine companion plant ideas here, as well as tips about how to grow columbine plants in locations where they will … Read more

23 Best Garden Kneelers for Comfort and Support

Best garden kneelers featured image

Looking for a way to make gardening more comfortable and enjoyable? Seeking garden kneelers for senior citizens or someone who is needing a more cushioned garden experience? Garden kneelers have been game-changers for me, especially with the dreaded task of weeding. I now look forward to my peaceful weeding time when I listen to podcasts … Read more

Foreign Bathrooms: European Toilets vs. American

foreign bathroom travel tips european toilets vs american castle in germany

Learn some valuable tips when navigating the intricacies of European toilets vs. American toilets while traveling. Paying a visit to Europe soon? For some American travelers, using bathrooms in foreign countries can be a troubling experience. There have even been books written about the subject, such as Toilets of the World. Finding a free, uncrowded … Read more

42 Low Maintenance Flowering Shrubs and Bushes

low maintenance flowering shrubs and bushes rhododendron

Learn about the best easy care low maintenance flowering shrubs and bushes you can grow in your yard or garden. The plants listed in this extensive guide are grouped into full sun, partial shade, and shady growing conditions. There are also deer-resistant and evergreen groups of low maintenance flowering shrubs and bushes here. Whether you … Read more

The Oregon Garden Resort: A Relaxing Destination

oregon garden resort fountain

Satisfy your curiosity about the Oregon Garden Resort. Learn about the amenities, gardens, entertainment, food, and accommodations at this beautiful destination. As a resident of Oregon for over 40 years, I was pleasantly surprised to find this gem of a location just outside of the quaint town of Silverton. Read on for the best tips … Read more

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