Holiday Gift Guide for Forgetful Families

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Whenever someone asks me what I would like to receive as a gift, I have a hard time thinking of ideas on the spur of the moment. I also have a difficult time remembering my gift ideas for others unless I write them down. I decided to make this holiday gift guide as a preemptive strike, so that I could have some ready answers and remember my awesome ideas for others. Some of the items on this list are things I already have and love, and would like to give to others. Some of the items are things I am wishing for. Maybe you’ll get some ideas for special people in your life, or even for yourself. Enjoy this holiday gift guide!

These 8 awesome gift ideas will make the holidays happy for someone on your list. Gifts for foodies, gardeners, TV series binge-watchers, booklovers and those who need to relax are included on this list. Make someone's Christmas special with a selection from this holiday gift guide. #giftguide #giftideas #giftsforbooklovers #giftsforcooks #giftsforgardeners #giftsformom #giftguide2019 #practicalgiftguide #giftguideforher #thebestgiftguide #bestgiftideas #bestgifts #creativegifts #usefulgifts

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For the Foodie

I have not yet taken the plunge with an instant pot, but this model, the 6 quart 6-in-1 multi-use programmable LUX60V3 by Instant Pot might tempt me into it.

Listed as the number 1 best seller on Amazon in the Slow Cooker category, this little baby functions as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, steamer and warmer. It can also saute. Too bad it doesn’t wash windows! This small appliance would be a versatile addition to any kitchen.

Another fantastic small appliance which I already have, and would like to purchase for someone, is an immersion blender. I used it when I made applesauce this fall. It worked like a dream.

The model I’ve linked to is listed as Amazon’s Choice for immersion blenders, has nine speeds, and comes with a whisk attachment.

This next gift is one that I have and use over and over. It’s a raclette grill, and it has been the center of many special meals with my family over the years.

If you aren’t familiar with raclette, you can read more about it in a recent blog post. I like the model shown above because the aluminum grill top can handle a variety of vegetables and meats while the cheese melts in trays below. Raclette is a fun family meal that has become a special tradition during the holidays.

For the Bookworm

EReaders are great, and a case makes your chosen model even more usable. This case for the 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet doubles as a stand.

It features a magnetic closure, and is made of a combination of PU leather and microfiber. Perfect for the reader on your list!

For the TV Series Binge-Watcher

Maybe a TV series binge-watcher in your house would like DVDs from a favorite TV series, such as Downton Abbey.

Here is a collection of all six seasons. Hours of viewing bliss!

For the Gardener

I don’t know what I would do without my trusty kneeling pad. Yes, I already own one kneeling pad, but I could always use another. It’s very handy for shelving books in the school library where I work. The RED Home Club kneeling pad is extra-cushy at 1 and 1/2 inches thick, 18 inches in length and 11 inches in width.

It’s a very versatile, functional garden accessory, and a worthy addition to this list.

For Someone Who Needs to Relax

What could be nicer than a bath full of bubbles, followed by a nice cup of herbal tea?

Orange vanilla bubble bath makes me recall lovely creamsicle moments of years past.

My favorite herbal tea is Stash Strawberry Pomegranate, made with rooibos for a nice red color. Mmmm, delicious!

What’s on Your List?

I hope that this holiday gift guide has sparked an idea or brought someone special to mind as a gift recipient. Of course, the best gifts of all can’t be purchased with money. It’s fun to have a wish list, though! If you have additional ideas or would like me to add something special to this list just for you, please let me know. If you like what you’ve read today, please consider subscribing. I hope you have a wonderful season of giving!

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