Fun Reindeer Party Ideas: Food, Games, Decorations, More

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Get a wide selection of reindeer party ideas right here. Whether you are looking for reindeer party theme ideas for a class party, birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, tea party, this list of reindeer party ideas has got you covered. As a veteran teacher and member of school and church social committees, I have planned and attended a plethora of fun party functions, both for kids and adults. Ready for some simple, fun reindeer theme ideas? Read on for reindeer party ideas for kids, reindeer party ideas for adults, and get inspired to host your own reindeer themed party.

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My Reindeer Backstory

The first experience I ever had with live reindeer was when I was quite small and I was visiting my Canadian grandparents for Christmas. Some liver reindeer were on display at the local shopping center. I remember being quite disappointed that they didn’t look anything like the beloved main character in the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas TV show. I got over my disappointment and now enjoy fitting in the reindeer theme whenever I can. If you are a fan of reindeer as well, this post is for you. Whether you are planning to host a reindeer-themed gathering for many or just a few, here are some fun ideas to get your planning started.

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Reindeer Party Invitations

Set the tone for a delightful and festive reindeer-themed celebration with these creative reindeer party invitation ideas:

Print some free reindeer party invitations. Customize the text to fit your party details.

Reindeer Silhouette Design: Create invitations featuring a simple yet elegant reindeer silhouette, setting the tone for a festive celebration. If you volunteer or work at a school, check to see if the school has a die cut machine with a reindeer shape block, as is shown here with an apple-shaped block for an apple-themed party.

apple party theme apple die cut

Rudolph’s Red Nose: Design invitations with a playful illustration of Rudolph and his iconic red nose, bringing a touch of whimsy to the invitation. Here is some clip art you can copy and use.

reindeer party ideas reindeer clip art

Antler Border: Frame the invitation with decorative antlers, creating a cohesive and thematic design for your reindeer party.

Winter Wonderland Background: Use a wintry backdrop with snowflakes and add reindeer graphics to evoke a magical winter wonderland atmosphere.

Crafty DIY Invitations: Incorporate a crafty element by attaching small antler decorations or reindeer-shaped confetti to the invitations.

Reindeer Tracks: Design invitations with cute reindeer footprints leading to the event details, adding a playful and creative touch.

Pop-up Reindeer: Consider a pop-up invitation where a reindeer pops up when the recipient opens the card, adding an element of surprise. A pop-up card is easy to make. Just take some plain white card stock, fold in half, then cut two slits about an inch apart near the center of the folded side, cutting perpendicular to the fold. Push out the cut part so it folds the opposite way. Glue a similarly-sized piece of construction paper over the outside of the card. Glue any kind of shape to the pop up part of the card and write simple message.

Reindeer Party Decorations

Set the tone for your reindeer party with these festive, decorative touches:

Reindeer Centerpieces: Craft charming centerpieces featuring reindeer figurines or cutouts adorned with festive details. Combine these ideas for a delightful reindeer-themed party that captures the spirit of the season:

Reindeer Garland: String together garlands featuring mini reindeer to decorate walls, tables, or mantels.

Reindeer Table Settings: Incorporate reindeer motifs into tablecloths, napkins, or place cards for a cohesive look.

reindeer party ideas reindeer table setting

Reindeer Silhouettes: Cut out reindeer silhouettes from brown paper and scatter them across walls or windows.

Reindeer Lights: Illuminate the space with reindeer-shaped string lights to create a warm and festive ambiance.

Reindeer Food Station: Set up a “reindeer food” station with treats and snacks in reindeer-themed containers.

Reindeer Photo Booth: Create a photo booth area with reindeer props for memorable snapshots.

Reindeer Cupcake Toppers: Top cupcakes with edible or decorative reindeer to tie in the theme deliciously.

Reindeer Party Food

These creative and tasty reindeer-themed treats will add a delightful touch to your festive celebration:

reindeer party ideas nutter butter reindeer

Reindeer Nutter Butter Cookies: Decorate a Nutter Butter cookie to look like a reindeer using pretzel pieces for the antlers. Get the full instructions for a Nutter Butter reindeer.

Reindeer Cookies: Bake cinnamon shortbread cookies or sugar cookies in the shape of reindeer and decorate with icing and candies.

Rudolph Cupcakes: Create cupcakes with red-nosed reindeer using chocolate candies or strawberries.

Reindeer Sandwiches: Use cookie cutters to shape sandwiches into reindeer figures for a fun and savory treat.

Rudolph Punch: Serve a red fruit punch and add floating cranberries for a Rudolph-inspired beverage.

what to do with cranberries cranberry punch

Reindeer Brownies: Bake brownies and use candy eyes and pretzels to turn them into adorable reindeer.

North Pole Nibbles: Create a snack mix with a variety of nuts, dried fruits, caramel corn, and chocolate-covered goodies.

Festive Cheese Platter: Arrange cheese and crackers in the shape of reindeer antlers for a savory option, using a cherry tomato for a reindeer nose.

Reindeer Cheese Ball: Poke some large pretzel sticks into the top of a cheese ball that has been rolled in chopped pecans or walnuts. Attach a small cherry tomato and two olives on one side of the cheeseball for a nose and eyes.

Reindeer Truffles: Make some chocolate raspberry truffles and decorate to look like a reindeer using pretzels for antlers, chocolate chips for eyes, and a red hot for a nose.

Reindeer Cake Pops: Follow the basic instructions for making cake pops, dip in melted chocolate, then decorate in a similar way to the Nutter Butter reindeer cookies described above.

Reindeer Party Games

These games will add joy and entertainment to your reindeer-themed party:

Reindeer Ring Toss: Set up antler-shaped targets and have players toss rings to land on the antlers.

reindeer party ideas reindeer decor on wall for games

Pin the Nose on Rudolph: A festive twist on the classic game, blindfold participants and have them pin a red nose on a Rudolph poster.

Reindeer Antler Inflatable Ring Toss Game: Have guests put on inflatable antlers and try tossing rings on the antlers of the other party guests in a frenzy of reindeer ring-tossing fun.

Reindeer Scavenger Hunt: Hide small reindeer figurines around the party space for kids to find.

Reindeer Virtual Bingo: Design a virtual reindeer bingo game if you are hosting a virtual reindeer themed party.

Rudolph Freeze Dance: Play holiday music and have kids dance, but when the music stops, they must freeze like reindeer statues.

Rudolph Balloon Pop: Write different challenges on balloons, and when popped, participants must complete the task to keep the game lively.

Reindeer Sweater or Outfit Contest: Encourage guests to wear anything with a reindeer motif or to dress as reindeer themselves.

reindeer party ideas reindeer sweater

Reindeer Bean Bag Toss: Set up a bean bag toss with reindeer-themed targets for a fun and skill-based game.

Reindeer Relay Race: Divide participants into teams and have them race while wearing antlers, passing a “Rudolph nose” baton.

Reindeer Party Crafts and Activities

These crafts will keep the little ones engaged and add a festive touch to your reindeer-themed party!

easy reindeer ornament craft

Reindeer Jingle Bell Ornaments: With a few simple, inexpensive supplies, party guests can easily make a special reindeer ornament as a keepsake to hang on a tree. Get the full instructions.

Reindeer Antler Headbands: Provide headbands and materials like brown paper, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes for kids to create their own antler headbands.

Rudolph Ornaments: Supply a reindeer cut out of felt and materials for decorating, including red pom-poms for noses and googly eyes for Rudolph-themed ornaments.

reindeer party ideas reindeer felt ornament decor

Reindeer Masks: Cut out mask shapes from paper or felt and provide markers, stickers, and other decorations for kids to design their own reindeer masks.

Reindeer Treat Bags: Have small brown paper bags available, along with craft materials for kids to turn them into reindeer-themed treat bags. Here is some clip art you can print and offer as a decorating option:

reindeer party ideas reindeer black and white clip art


Footprint Reindeer Art: Use washable brown paint to make reindeer footprints on paper, and then let kids add facial features and antlers.

Reindeer Puppet Craft: Provide brown paper bags, construction paper, and googly eyes for kids to create their own reindeer puppets.

Reindeer Photo Frames: Pre-cut frames from cardboard and supply materials for decorating, allowing kids to make their own reindeer-themed frames for pictures using reindeer stamps and ink.

Pinecone Reindeer Ornaments: Offer pinecones, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and small red pom-poms for kids to craft adorable reindeer ornaments.

Reindeer Paper Plate Craft: Provide paper plates, markers, and construction paper for kids to make reindeer faces on paper plates.

Reindeer Read Aloud: Read to party guests from a selection of engaging reindeer books, then send guests home with a book of their own.

Reindeer Party Favors

What would a reindeer-themed party be without some reindeer party favors to send home with the guests? Here are some fun ideas:

reindeer party ideas reindeer party favors

Reindeer Socks: Cozy and seasonal, perfect for the winter months.

Reindeer-shaped Cookies: Delicious treats in the shape of Santa’s helpers.

Reindeer Ornaments: Miniature ornaments for guests to hang on their trees.

Reindeer Nose: Everyone can join in the fun of dressing up like a reindeer with a simple red nose accessory.

Reindeer Keychains: Cute and practical favors for guests to take home.

Reindeer Plushies: Soft and cuddly mini-reindeer toys for a charming gift.

Reindeer Nose Lollipops: Red lollipops to mimic Rudolph’s iconic red nose.

Reindeer-themed Stickers: Adhesive fun featuring adorable reindeer designs.

Reindeer Pencil Toppers: Practical and festive school or office supplies.

Mini Sleigh Bells: Small bells that add a jingly, festive touch.

reindeer party ideas reindeer antlers on a dog

Reindeer Antler Headbands: A fun accessory for guests to wear during the party.

Now you have plenty of ideas to get your reindeer party creativity flowing, Have fun!

Free Party Planner

Organizing a party takes planning. Whether you are planning a reindeer-themed party, a sunflower-themed party, a lemon-themed party, a butterfly-themed party, apple-themed party, pumpkin-themed party, a raclette party, or a tea party, here’s a FREE monthly planner you can use to plan your apple-themed party or any other event. Use it throughout the year to keep daily, weekly, and monthly tasks organized. Since it’s undated, you can print out a new planner each year or anytime you need a fresh place to put your ideas. Get it here!

sunflower garden planner printable

Get the sunflower planner!

Have fun planning a reindeer-themed party. May all of your reindeer party planning endeavors meet with great success!

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