Old Garden Roses: An Easy-Care Alternative to Hybrid Teas

Old Garden Roses featured image

High-maintenance plants do not thrive in our garden. As I wrote in a previous post about our new dahlia bed, we removed our hybrid tea roses a few years ago because they were suffering. They suffered from powdery mildew and black spot. They also provided the local deer with a lovely buffet. I don’t have … Read more

5 Fabulous Beauty Shortcuts for Busy Gals

5 Fabulous Beauty Shortcuts for Busy Gals will speed up your morning routine and make your day better. Simplify your life with these amazing easy beauty secrets for busy moms, busy students, busy professionals and everyone else. Save time and money with these simple beauty tips! #beautytipsandtricks #beautytips #selfcare #moms #easy #simple #beautyhacks #beautytips101 #bestbeautytips #easybeautytips #budgetbeautytips #beautysecrets #beautyroutines #beautyinspiration #beautyideas #beautyformoms

First of all, I firmly believe it’s more important to be beautiful on the inside than the outside. However, we all have times when we want to look good. If you’re a busy person (Who isn’t?), it’s tough to find time to beautify yourself. With that in mind, here are a few things that have … Read more

5 Inspirational Historical Fiction Authors to Follow

These 5 inspirational historical fiction authors will keep you reading for a long time to come. Inspirational historical fiction is uplifting as well as educational, and these writers are superb. Compelling plot lines and engaging characters abound in the works by these amazing authors. Escape to a different time, relax and perform some self-care by enjoying one of these titles. #books #historicalfiction #selfcare #history #inspirationalbooks #bookstoread #booksforwomen #recommendedbooks #faith

Need to escape the demands of the present for a brief time? Does anyone else remember those old Calgon commercials, where a stressed-out lady longs for a relaxing bubble bath? “Calgon, take me away!” was her famous line. Maybe you are in need of a relaxing break, and I’ve got the perfect solution: historical fiction. … Read more

Inspirational Books: 7 Amazing Choices to Encourage You

Inspirational books 7 Amazing Choices to Encourage You ffeatured image

When I surveyed my readers recently in a previous post, the number one most-wanted post was a roundup of inspirational books. Thank you so much for your input! You may still take the survey, if you missed it earlier. Fluxing Well readers, here’s a list of inspirational books I’m happy to share with you. I … Read more

Newport, Oregon: 7 Essential Things to See

Fun Beach Towns Newport Oregon

Learn about the interesting Oregon coastal town of Newport, and get insider tips on fabulous things to do and see. From quaint, tasty eateries to excellent places to stay, this guide has what you need to help you make the most of your visit. Ready to pack up your favorite beach bag with fun beach … Read more

Encouraging Others: Paying Forward Unexpected Blessings

Encouraging others featured image

This past week I received an unexpected blessing. As I reflect upon it, I realize that it came at the perfect time. My week had been busy and stressful, then suddenly this ray of sunshine appeared. The blogging community is very dedicated to encouraging others, and I was touched to receive a nomination for a … Read more

Cousins Twice Removed: Understanding Your Family Tree

Cousins Twice Removed featured image

Recently, I attended a family gathering in which I became acquainted with a young cousin of mine. Specifically, she is my first cousin twice removed. What? Have you ever wondered about all of the “removed” business with cousins? What does it all mean? Maybe you have never cared, but if you would like help solving … Read more

Fabulous Snack Finds for Hungry Travelers: Western US

5 fabulous snack finds for hungry travelers

When traveling, especially with hungry teenagers, it’s good to have some ideas in mind about reasonably-priced snacks to keep your group happy. As I’ve traveled over the years, there are a few fabulous snack finds that stand out. Not only are these items delicious, but budget-friendly as well. There are too many to list in … Read more

No-Longer-Empty Nest: Making the Transition

3 essential tips for no longer empty nesters

My husband and I were empty-nesters for about a year. I was used to cooking smaller meals. I was enjoying the freedom to be more spontaneous with scheduling. Now, one of our flock, our youngest, is back for a few months. We have a no-longer-empty nest, and the transition was a bit of a challenge. … Read more

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