How to Deal With Unfamiliar Situations: Essential Tips

unfamiliar situations featured image

Unfamiliar situations are difficult. Can you relate? Read through these unfamiliar situation examples to learn some ways to deal with them. As a middle-aged, empty-nester I’ve had plenty of time to refine my skills with handling unfamiliar situations. Read on for some of the best strategies I’ve found. A Scenario from a Creature-of-Habit Life At … Read more

Easy Kitchen Hacks for the Busy Frugal Cook

favorite easy kitchen hacks featured image

I am a big believer in easy kitchen hacks, especially if they truly work. What are some cooking tips or hacks everyone should know about? Today I’d like to share some of my favorite kitchen hacks that save time and/or money. Since you are most likely a busy person, you may be asking yourself, “How … Read more

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