Easy Death By Chocolate Trifle Recipe: Indulge!

Death by chocolate trifle featured image

Ready for the best chocolate dessert you have ever tasted? A dessert that will make any chocolate-lover swoon with happiness? Prepare yourself, because this is it. If you need a blockbuster dessert contest entry, this tantalizing creation will not let you down. It’s also a guaranteed winner at any potluck or fundraiser. With layers of … Read more

Unique Chocolate Gifts for a Chocolate Gift Box

unique valentine's day gifts featured image

Have you ever eaten chocolate-covered potato chips? I have, on a trip to San Antonio, Texas. They were…interesting, and I probably would have some again, if given the opportunity. What are some other unusual items that might be covered in chocolate? I thought to myself. So I put my investigative librarian skills to work, and here’s … Read more

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