Unique Chocolate Gifts for a Chocolate Gift Box

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Have you ever eaten chocolate-covered potato chips? I have, on a trip to San Antonio, Texas. They were…interesting, and I probably would have some again, if given the opportunity. What are some other unusual items that might be covered in chocolate? I thought to myself. So I put my investigative librarian skills to work, and here’s what I found. If you are on a quest for unique Valentine gifts, perhaps to use as Valentine party favors, your search may be over.

unique chocolate covered valentine gifts

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Chocolate Dipped Insects

I had heard of these, but assumed you needed to search far and wide to find some. Nope. With just a simple click they can be yours, delivered to your door. Since they come in a pack of three boxes, each box containing 2 grasshoppers and 2 worms, I just might get some for my whole family. How fun!

Dark Chocolate Mango Chili Sticks 

If there is someone in your life who likes to spice it up, here you go. I am personally a wimp when it comes to spiciness, but I do know at least two people in my family who might enjoy these. This gluten-free, kosher snack is made in the USA by a family-owned company. 

Tabasco Spicy Dark Chocolate Wedges


More Spiciness awaits when you bite into a wedge of dark chocolate seasoned with hot pepper sauce. Give this gift to the person who is always counting Scoville units for fun. If you don’t know what a Scoville heat unit is, then this gift is probably not for you. You might be able to think of someone it might appeal to, though.

Chocolate Covered Lemon Peels

These actually seem quite a-peeling! Groan…okay, bad pun intended. What’s not to like? Imported from Tuscany, 3.52 ounces of lemon deliciousness covered in decadent dark chocolate bliss sounds amazing to me. If you know someone who likes lemon (I do) and chocolate (yes), then chances are quite good that these would be a hit.

Chocolate Covered Scorpion


Just when you thought I was veering into “normal” items, along comes a chocolate-covered scorpion. What better way to say “I love you” than to present someone you care about with one of these little beauties? Yes, I can tell you are thinking of the perfect person who would appreciate just such a gift.

Chocolate Covered Worms

When I was young, my Girl Scout troop sang a song that went, “Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me. I guess I’ll go eat worms.” Have you ever heard of that song? Well, it turns out you can actually get chocolate-covered worms. If that is appealing to you, have a great time eating them. Let me know how it goes!


Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Finally, here is the item that started me on this quest: chocolate covered potato chips. This one pound bucket contains 1/2 pound of dark chocolate covered chips and 1/2 pound of milk chocolate covered chips. It’s a win-win. If you know someone who would enjoy these but is trying to cut back on sugar, there is also a diabetic-friendly, sugar-free variety available.

Continuing the Quest for Unique Valentine Gifts

Well, there you have it. My list of chocolate-covered unique Valentine gifts is complete (for now). I’m sure there are more out there, so if you have any unusual chocolate-covered goodies to tell me about, please feel free to comment below. Maybe you are quite ambitious and make your own chocolate-covered edible inventions. I’d love to hear about those, too! If you are a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, here’s something else you might enjoy.

unique valentine gifts chocolate

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Have a super week, and may you find just the right chocolate covered gift for that special someone. I think I’ll go eat some chocolate now.

Lisa Mitchell is a wife, mom, and school librarian who likes to create and share recipes, often using fresh ingredients from her family’s small Pacific Northwest farm. To get more easy ideas, click on over to the Welcome page.

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14 thoughts on “Unique Chocolate Gifts for a Chocolate Gift Box”

  1. These are some interesting things to put chocolate on. Since I love sweet and spicy things, the chocolate jalepeno might be ok.. idk lol

    • Nissa,

      If you try them, please let me know. Someone else who responded in the comments actually makes them! I’m too much of a spiciness wimp to give them a go. Thanks for reading my post, and have a marvelous week!


  2. Oh my, these are definitely out of my Hershey’s comfort zone but I wouldn’t be too scared to try a chocolate covered potato chip or lemon peel! (:

    • Amanda,

      I’m with you! The potato chips were actually quite good, and I’m a fan of lemons, but the scorpion, grasshoppers, worms and jalapenos? I’ll pass on those as well. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I hope it helped you recover from your headache.


  3. Hmmm…I’m abstaining from most chocolate these days, but can’t say I’d ever go for any of them, personally. Perhaps the chocolate covered potato chips – that whole sweet & salty thing is great! There’s a candy shop in Lincoln City, OR, that dips everything in chocolate; my FAVORITE is chocolate dipped black licorice!

    • Hannah,

      Ooooh, we travel through Lincoln City on occasion, so I might have to stop and find that chocolate dipped black licorice. Thanks for your comment, and have a great week!


  4. Oh my goodness, the only one of those I would try is the potato chips. Everything else sounds disgusting! Just send me normal chocolate, please!!

    Interesting post, Lisa!

    • Nicole,

      Yes, I’m a big fan of the normal chocolate as well. I haven’t had anyone respond who has actually tried any of the items on my list other than the chips. That’s okay. There are a lot of delicious normal chocolate options out there as well! Have a super week!


  5. I love this…and the first place I had chocolate covered chips was at a festival 20 years ago hot out of the dipper.. Awesome! And chocolate covered Jalapenos..I make them all the time❤

    • Holly,

      Wow, you make the jalapenos? Have you experimented with anything else of an unusual nature? I’m very impressed! Thanks for your comment, and have a great week!


  6. I waa like seriously when reading about the jalepenos and lemon peels…until you got to the chips! I have actually dipped chips in chocolate before and loved it lol

    • Jess,

      Have you tried any other interesting chocolate-dipping experiments? I liked the chocolate-dipped chips as well, but I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try a chocolate-covered worm or scorpion! Thanks for reading my post, and have a great week!


  7. I love chocolate but I’m out on most of those for sure.
    I’m more of a chocolate covered chocolate kinda person😂😂😂

    • Crystal,

      Yes, I totally get it. I think the only thing on the list I might actually try, other than the chips, which were good, would be the lemon peels. That one does not gross me out as much as some of the others. Thanks for your comment, and have a wonderful week!



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