Vintage Roses: Easy Guide to Growing Old Garden Beauties

vintage roses Josephs coat

Feeling like a failure at growing roses? I used to feel the same way, but that was before I discovered vintage roses (also known as old garden roses, heirloom roses, antique roses, heritage roses, old fashioned roses, or historic roses). Vintage roses are disease-resistant, deer-resistant, low-maintenance, add color to the summer garden, and offer up … Read more

How to Plant Dahlia Tubers with Success

How to plant dahlia tubers bright dahlia blooms

Learn how to plant dahlia tubers and get essential tips for growing better dahlias. Need to know about planting dahlias from tubers? This comprehensive guide will give you tips about preparing soil, caring for dahlias, keeping pests away, and storing them for the winter. Learn when to plant dahlia tubers, how to plant dahlia tubers … Read more

Maintenance of Garden Areas: Low Maintenance Gardening Ideas

maintenance of garden low maintenance garden ideas for every garden space

Get easy ideas for the maintenance of garden areas, whether it is a front yard, back yard, vegetable garden or flower garden. These low-maintenance gardening tips for keeping up with garden tasks are simple, actionable, and will help you look like a gardening success with minimal effort. Read on to get the simple secrets for … Read more

Best Garden Kneelers for Comfort and Support

Best garden kneelers featured image

Looking for a way to make gardening more comfortable and enjoyable? Seeking garden kneelers for senior citizens or someone who is needing a more cushioned garden experience? Along with my favorite garden gloves and boots, garden kneelers have been game-changers for me, especially with the dreaded task of weeding. I now look forward to my … Read more

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