Easy DIY Garden Stepping Stones

DIY Garden Stepping Stones featured image

In this post, you will learn about the different types of DIY (do it yourself) garden stepping stone molds, the materials you need, and the step-by-step instructions to make easy DIY garden stepping stones. Get ideas for decorating the stones plus some tips about laying the stones if you want to make a walkway.  These … Read more

10 Fabulous Flowering Easy Care Shrubs

10 Fabulous flowering shrubs for the easy care garden featured image

Often described as the backbone of a garden, shrubs are generally reliable bloomers. Reliability is important to me, and so is hardiness. I am sorry to let you know that any plants which hope to do well in our yard must thrive on neglect. Our flowering shrubs definitely fall into this category. If you see … Read more

Old Garden Roses: An Easy-Care Alternative to Hybrid Teas

Old Garden Roses featured image

High-maintenance plants do not thrive in our garden. As I wrote in a previous post about our new dahlia bed, we removed our hybrid tea roses a few years ago because they were suffering. They suffered from powdery mildew and black spot. They also provided the local deer with a lovely buffet. I don’t have … Read more

5 Favorite Perennials: Foolproof Stunners for the Garden

5 favorite perennials foolproof stunners for the novice gardener featured image

I know there are other lists of favorite perennials out there, but I must share this list with you. If there are any other gardeners out there whose plants must thrive on neglect to survive, then this list is for you. If a plant needs to be coddled and pampered, it does not do well … Read more

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