Raclette Ideas for an Easy, Fun Dinner Party

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Get raclette ideas for an easy, fun dinner. Looking for a special meal to enjoy with family or friends? Raclette is your answer. Learn all about this engaging, interactive meal right here. Introduced to my family years ago, by some world-traveling friends, it has become one of the most-requested meals at our house when we are all in one place. Read on to get ideas and tips about making a fabulous raclette dinner and learn how to use a raclette grill for a raclette party or simple family dinner.

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What is Raclette?

What is a raclette dinner, and what is the difference between cheese fondue and raclette? Cheese fondue requires participants to dip food (usually bread) into hot, melted cheese. Raclette, which originated in Switzerland, is basically pouring melted cheese over a variety of ingredients. The name comes from the French word “racler”, which means “to scrape”. Raclette is also the name of the special cheese that was first used to create this meal. What makes raclette so much fun is that everyone gets to choose their own ingredients and builds their own custom combination to cover with bubbly, melted cheesy goodness scraped out of little trays. Also, just FYI, when referring to Raclette cheese, the name of the cheese is capitalized. When referring to raclette the meal, a lowercase letter is used. I’ll try to keep that straight as I write this!

raclette cheese

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The Basic Traditional Ingredients

What do I need for a raclette dinner? For the best cheese raclette, the most important item is the cheese. What cheese is best for melting? If you can find authentic Raclette cheese, you are very fortunate. Never heard of or seen Raclette cheese in the grocery store? It’s available online at stores such as Amazon. Why is raclette cheese so expensive? It has a lot to do with how raclette cheese is made. For an excellent overview of the process, you could look up a raclette cheese recipe. Once you do, you will probably be happy to pay someone else to make cheese. It’s a tricky process!

Many people use fontina cheese as a substitute, which is available at grocery stores such as Trader Joe’s, Winco and occasionally Grocery Outlet. Traditional ingredients other than the cheese include small boiled potatoes, pineapple chunks, small chunks of bread, gherkins or cornichons, cashews, and salami.

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Which Cheese is Best for Melting?

In my family, we are not picky about the cheese we use in raclette. What is similar to Raclette cheese or fontina? For us, any semi-soft cheese, such as mozzarella, Monterey Jack, gruyere, provolone, or gouda will work just as well as fontina when having raclette. What do you serve with raclette? We have also expanded the list of other ingredients to cover with melted cheese. Our favorites include sliced tomatoes, thinly sliced onion rings, green peppers, and even small squash. What meat goes with raclette? We like to use sliced link sausage. We still have the traditional ingredients if we have them on hand (gherkins and cashews are favorites), but we don’t let ourselves be bound by tradition. It’s fun to try new combinations. Garden vegetables, like zucchini, also work well. raclette grill

Directions and the Recipe for Basic Raclette

Put the raclette grill in the middle of the table where you will be eating. Depending upon your tabletop surface, you may want to put some trivets underneath the grill. We often put ours on a large wooden breadboard. Since the grill may only take about 15 minutes to heat up, you may not want to turn it on just yet.

Cook small, red potatoes in boiling water for about 20 minutes or bake in the microwave. Slice and chop the cheese, meat and other ingredients. We usually chop the cheese into 2-inch by 1-inch chunks. Place each ingredient in a separate bowl and set the bowls on the table. When the potatoes have about 15 minutes left to cook, turn on the raclette grill. We usually set ours to the medium heat setting on the dial. After the potatoes finish cooking, drain, and place in a bowl. Add the bowl to the selection of other ingredients on the table.

raclette dinner party

Gather your guests around the table. Here is a table all set (above) for a raclette dinner party. The oval shape of this grill is nice because it matches the oval shape of the table. Guests on the end of the table don’t have to reach awkwardly to place their melting tray under the hot surface.

To begin cooking the food for the raclette dinner party, place a few chunks of cheese in each raclette tray to melt. Place meat and vegetables on top of the grill to cook. When your meat and vegetables are cooked, place them on your plate. Add other items you might not have had to cook, like pickles, pineapple chunks, and cashews. Top everything with the melted cheese by scraping the cheese out of your tray (or trays) with a little spatula (included in raclette sets). To see an example of the raclette dinner party in action, watch this brief Pinterest video.

how to make raclette video link of a raclette dinner party

What is The Best Raclette Grill?

There are many types of raclette grills available. What is a raclette grill used for, besides melting the cheese? The cheese is melted under the heating element under the grill. The top of the grill is used for cooking the vegetables and meat the melted cheese will be poured over.

Most grills come with individual trays and scrapers so that each person has a separate container or two for melting their cheese. I’ve compiled a list of a variety of grills to give you an overview of the best raclette grills out there. There are a few important features to look for in a raclette grill. Is it easy to clean? How many trays for melting cheese are included? Is there an adjustable temperature control? What kind of grill surface does it have? With these questions in mind, here is my list of the best raclette grills. There’s something for every occasion!

Romantic Raclette for Two

This first grill raclette can be taken anywhere because it doesn’t require any electricity. What is the power source for the Zerodis portable two-person grill? Tealight candles! Yes, and the single tray on top is perfect for melting cheese or grilling ingredients. The steel top is sturdy, the size is compact, and the $15.00 price tag is very reasonable. The one drawback is there is no temperature control, so you need to keep a close eye on your food as it cooks.


You’ll Flip Over This Raclette Grill

Next on our list is the Aroma Housewares Flip Grill, which has 6 melting trays. The ridged steel grill top flips over and may be used as a griddle. There is a handy removable drip base, and the temperature is fully adjustable. The non-stick surface cleans easily for a low-maintenance dining experience. Priced at $59.99, this versatile raclette grill is well worth a look.

Uniquely Shaped for Dining Convenience

The Swissmar Matterhorn 8-person raclette grill is included on this list for one main reason. It is an oval shape, like the one pictured in the raclette dinner party above, rather than a rectangle. The oval shape is more convenient for people sitting at the ends of the table. With a rectangular grill, the view of the melting cheese is blocked for the people sitting at either end. The convenient oval shape of this grill offers a good view of the melting cheese to everyone at the table. Diners can all see when their cheese has reached the optimum state of meltiness in one of the eight grill trays, which is a big plus. In addition to the advantage of the oval shape, this grill has a cast aluminum grill top and an adjustable temperature control. For those who prefer a granite cooktop, a granite-topped version is also available.


There’s a Reason This One is a Classic

I had to include on the list the raclette grill that we own. It’s an 8-person rectangular grill by Swissmar, and we could not be more pleased with it. I know first-hand that its cast aluminum grill top is a breeze to clean. It has an adjustable temperature control and has served us well. The grill top can be flipped over and used as a griddle. It cooks the sausage, tomatoes, and veggies evenly while the cheese is melting in the trays underneath the heating element below.

Which is a Better Surface for Cooking Raclette: Granite or Aluminum? 

The Artesia Electric raclette grill has a high-density granite cooktop. Some people prefer cooking on a granite surface rather than an aluminum cooktop. Granite is very durable and does not warp with the heat, as is the case with some aluminum cooktops. This model has a thermostat dial to control the temperature and comes with 8 melting trays.

The Best Raclette Grill for Feeding a Crowd 

The Artesia 10-Person Large Raclette Grill is the only grill I found that had 10 cheese-melting trays. One additional feature is the dual interchangeable cooking surfaces. This model comes with a granite cooktop and an aluminum cooktop. The aluminum cooktop is reversible and may be used as a griddle. A rotary dial controls the temperature and may be adjusted as needed. If you need to feed a crowd, this is the grill!


To compare prices and features all in one place, here is a handy chart with all of the models listed:

Best Raclette Grills comparison chart
Click on the chart to enlarge and access clickable links.

So, which raclette grill is the best? It depends upon the size of your group, your grill top preference and your seating arrangement. I hope you have fun comparing the different models available.

How Long Does a Raclette Grill Take to Heat up?

This will depend upon the model you choose. Ours heats up in about 15 minutes, but other models may take longer. Anyone out there tried a tealight candle grill? It would be interesting to find out how long one of those takes to heat up. Important note: The raclette grill will warm up a room quite nicely. It’s the perfect meal to serve on a chilly evening.

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Do You Put Oil on a Grill?

Some people might like to put oil on a grill, and even sprinkle a little salt to prevent sticking. In our family, we have never used oil or salt on our grill. The non-stick cast aluminum surface of our Swissmar model keeps most things from sticking. Tomatoes might get a little sticky at times, but it hasn’t been a big problem. You certainly may put oil and salt on if you wish. We just never have felt the need for it, and our grill cleans up quite nicely.

Can You Cook Steak on a Raclette Grill?

Yes! A raclette grill is perfect for an indoor grilled steak experience because it’s so compact. It’s best to cut the steak into small pieces, and the cut of meat should not be too thick. You don’t want the cheese to be melted long before your steak is ready. Just imagine grilled steak bites, a few pieces of potatoes, and melted cheese. You could be adventurous and try something like blue cheese or gorgonzola.

cheese medley

Other Common Questions About Raclette

What Food is Best for Raclette?

There are many foods that pair wonderfully with raclette, in addition to the ones noted in the basic raclette recipe. Here’s a list of foods commonly served with raclette:

Raclette Food List

Charcuterie: A selection of cured meats such as prosciutto, salami, and chorizo complements the richness of the cheese.

Pickles: Cornichons (tiny pickles), pickled onions, and pickled vegetables provide a tangy and crunchy contrast to the creamy cheese.

Fresh Vegetables: Steamed or blanched vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower are a healthy and colorful addition.

Sliced Tomatoes: Fresh tomato slices add a refreshing touch to balance the richness of the cheese and meats.

Bread: Crusty bread, baguette, or rustic country bread are ideal for scooping up melted cheese and other toppings.

Fruits: Fresh or dried fruits like apples, pears, or figs can add sweetness and variety to the meal.

Eggs: Some people like to serve fried or poached eggs alongside raclette for a rich and creamy addition.

Sauces: Consider offering condiments like Dijon mustard or various dipping sauces to enhance the flavors.

Herbs and Spices: Fresh herbs, ground pepper, and nutmeg can be used to season the potatoes and other ingredients.

Seafood: For a unique twist, you can add seafood such as shrimp, scallops, or smoked salmon to the mix.

Grilled Vegetables: If you have a raclette grill with a grilling surface, you can grill vegetables like bell peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms right at the table.

Remember that raclette is a versatile and customizable meal, so you can tailor it to your preferences and what’s available. The key is to enjoy a relaxed and sociable dining experience while savoring the delicious combination of melted cheese and a variety of accompaniments.

How Many Slices of Raclette Cheese Per Person?

How much raclette cheese per person? The number of slices of raclette cheese per person can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the slices, the appetites of your guests, and the variety of accompaniments you’re serving. However, a good rule of thumb is to plan for approximately 2 to 3 ounces (57 to 85 grams) of raclette cheese per person. This should provide a satisfying portion for most guests when served alongside other accompaniments like potatoes, charcuterie, and vegetables.

Keep in mind that raclette cheese has a rich and creamy texture, so even a modest amount can go a long way in terms of flavor and satisfaction. If you have guests with heartier appetites or if raclette is the main course and not just one element of a larger meal, you might consider increasing the cheese portion slightly.

It’s also a good idea to have extra cheese on hand just in case your guests want to indulge a bit more. The interactive and social nature of raclette dining often encourages people to enjoy seconds or try different combinations of accompaniments.

Ultimately, the exact amount of raclette cheese per person can vary, so it’s a good idea to assess your guests’ preferences and adjust accordingly. It’s better to have a little extra cheese available than to run out during the meal.

How Much is Raclette per Person?

The total cost per person depends upon the type of ingredients you choose to use. If you purchase the authentic Raclette cheese from France, your cost will be a lot higher than if you use fontina cheese from Winco Foods.

Fontina cheese from Winco

For a family on a budget, you could use fresh ingredients from your garden for zero dollars. Most of the time when we make raclette for a family of four, our main costs are as follows: small potatoes ($2.00 per 5-pound bag), sweet pickles ($3.00 per jar), cashews ($5.00 for 3/4  pound from the bulk food section), canned pineapple chunks ($1.00 per can), sausage or salami ($4.00 per package) and the Fontina cheese ($16.00 for 2 pounds). Two pounds of cheese was enough to feed our family of four when our boys were hungry teenagers. If you are able to shop at Winco Foods for the ingredients, your cost will be about $7.75 per person for a group of four people.

raclette ideas raclette food on a plate


Can You Eat Raclette Without Melting It?

While raclette is traditionally served melted, it is possible to eat raclette cheese without melting it, especially if you’re using a particularly flavorful and high-quality variety of raclette cheese. Here are a few ways to enjoy raclette cheese without melting it:

Sliced Raclette: Simply slice the raclette cheese into thin pieces and serve it alongside other accompaniments, such as crackers, bread, or fruit. The cheese can be enjoyed at room temperature, allowing you to savor its unique flavor and texture.

Cheese Board: Include raclette cheese on a cheese board or platter along with other cheeses, nuts, dried fruits, and charcuterie. This allows your guests to appreciate the cheese’s characteristics in its natural state.

Raclette Sandwich: Use raclette cheese as a filling for sandwiches. Layer slices of raclette between bread or baguette slices, along with other ingredients like ham, roasted vegetables, or condiments.

Raclette Salad: Shave or grate raclette cheese over a fresh salad to add a creamy, savory element. It pairs well with greens, apples, walnuts, and a light vinaigrette dressing.

Raclette Fondue: While not traditional, you can also create a raclette cheese fondue by melting the cheese in a fondue pot with a bit of white wine or another liquid. This can be a fun and interactive way to enjoy raclette.

Exploring different ways to enjoy raclette, both melted and unmelted, can be a delightful culinary experience for cheese enthusiasts.

Which Desserts go with Raclette?

After your meal of delicious, cheesy goodness, you might feel like a light, fruity dessert. Berry gelato, from the 10 Best Ways to Use Frozen Berries post would be a great choice. Another light, fruity, and easy dessert is Pea-Pickin’ Cake.

Homemade Fruit gelato strawberry gelato in a bowl

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Get raclette ideas for an easy, fun dinner. Looking for a special, interactive dinner party idea? Raclette is your answer. Learn about this fun meal in which you pour melted cheese over a variety of meat and vegetables.
5 from 2 votes
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Swiss
Servings 8
Calories 295 kcal


  • 1 Raclette grill with melting trays and scrapers


  • 1-1½ pounds Raclette, fontina, or other soft cheese
  • 2-3 pounds small red potatoes
  • 1-1½ pounds smoked sausage, sliced into rounds
  • 1-2 cups roasted cashews
  • 1-2 cups sweet gherkins or cornichons
  • 1-2 cups pineapple chunks
  • 1-2 sliced tomatoes optional
  • 1 sliced green pepper optional
  • 1 sliced zucchini or crookneck squash optional
  • 1-2 cups sliced mushrooms optional


  • Put the raclette grill in the middle of the table where you will be eating. Depending upon your tabletop surface, you may want to put some trivets underneath the grill. Since the grill may only take about 15 minutes to heat up, you may not want to turn it on just yet.
  • Cook small, red potatoes in boiling water for about 20 minutes or bake in the microwave.
  • Slice and chop the cheese, meat and other ingredients. We usually chop the cheese into 2-inch by 1-inch chunks.
  • Place each ingredient in a separate bowl and set the bowls on the table.
  • When the potatoes have about 15 minutes left to cook, turn on the raclette grill. We usually set ours to the medium heat setting on the dial.
  • After the potatoes finish cooking, drain, and place in a bowl. Add the bowl to the selection of other ingredients on the table.
  • Gather your guests around the table. After sitting down, each guest should place a few chunks of cheese in a raclette tray to melt.
  • Place meat and vegetables on top of the grill to cook.
  • When your meat and vegetables are cooked, place them on your plate. Add other items you might not have had to cook, like pickles, pineapple chunks, and cashews.
  • Top everything with the melted cheese by scraping the cheese out of your tray (or trays) with a little spatula (included in raclette sets).
  • Melt more cheese, if needed, and pour it over your selection of meat, vegetables and other items. Enjoy!


Note about the calorie count: The number of calories will vary depending upon the items each dinner guest selects. The Raclette cheese by itself would be 90 calories per serving.
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Are You Now Craving the Delicious Melted Cheesiness of Raclette?

Now that you have read about what raclette is and how to make it, maybe you will want to try it on your own. For a fun, versatile, interactive, and memorable meal, raclette is a top-notch choice. My family is already looking forward to sharing some raclette meals over the holidays when we hope to be together this year. What are some of your memorable family meals? I’d love to hear about your family traditions.

Other Party Ideas

Looking for more party ideas? Try hosting a themed tea party, a pumpkin-themed party, an apple-themed party, or a sunflower-themed party. During the summer, a butterfly-themedlemon-themed, or blueberry-themed party is a fun theme for birthdays, baby, or bridal showers. Host a themed tea party any time of the year. Enjoy celebrating!

More Food Inspiration

It’s always nice to have a plan when it comes to parties and meals. If you’re looking for a way to get more organized with your meal or party-planning efforts, I’ve got something for you. Free, editable meal planners! The templates can be used over and over, as often as you need them. You can make as many duplicates as you like, and you’ll be able to save old meal plans for future reference. I hope it simplifies things for you.

editable meal plan templates free offer

Get my digital, editable, printable templates!

If you would like even more recipe ideas, consider following my Easy Recipes board on Pinterest. Have a fabulous day, and have a good time making these easy zucchini fritters with cheese!

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